Maralee added a text Maralee said Tristan sent her that read “You understand how I feel.” to her initial filing. They have not changed in any way. I won’t [sic]Get involved. If you believe that having a baby will make you money, you are wrong. This is completely false. As you know, I will be retiring at the end of this season. In terms of support, it will cover whatever monthly expenses are required by someone unemployed. The cost is only two hundred dollars because it’s in Texas.

He said, “So you’d better take this 75k offer cause you won’t get anything near that having a child with a dad who is unemployed. You will only have a child with a father that has no involvement in the child’s life and child support payments of a few hundred dollars per month.

Tristan did not confirm or deny the authenticity of this text. The NBA and Tristan have not yet commented on his plans for retirement.

CelebHomes News has continued to reach out to Tristan and Maralee’s lawyers for further comment.