Trevor Noah is suing an orthopedic surgeon and the Hospital for Special Surgery, alleging negligence after he underwent an unspecified procedure in November 2020. 

According to egal documents filed in November and obtained by CelebHomes News, the Daily ShowHost was an old patient of Dr. Riley J. Williams III between August and December 2020, including for surgery, at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. Noah’s attorneys filed the lawsuit against Williams, Williams, and their employees and agents. They were accused of “professional negligence” by rendering and performing diagnosis, management care, treatment, and surgery in an “unprofessional and negligent manner.” Plaintiffs are also accused of being negligent and careless for allegedly failing to care for Noah in a skilled and caring manner. 

Among Noah’s claims of negligence are failure to diagnose and properly treat his condition, prescribe proper medication, discontinue certain medication and use proper exams to diagnosis his conditions. Noah also asserts that the defendants failed to disclose to him the “risks and hazards of treatment, medical care, and assistance provided” so that informed consent could be given.

According to the suit, “A reasonable prudent person would have declined treatment if they were aware of all the possible risks and hazards.”