Kanye was banned from Instagram last week for posting a racist slur at Noah. Meta, his parent company, said that Ye had violated their policies regarding hate speech, bullying, harassment, and discrimination. In the last weeks, Kanye has mainly used Instagram to vent his grievances about ex-boyfriends. Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Pete Davidson, whose likeness is subjected to violence in Ye’s recently released “Eazy” music video. Kanye replied to the backlash regarding the video, saying that art is therapy and not an intermediary for harm.

Ye had shared his offensive post about Noah a day after the host expressed concern about the rapper in a serious monologue on The Daily Show, during which he cited what he called the rapper’s “belligerent” behavior and treatment of Kim and Pete.

Noah noted that from age 9, he grew up in an abusive relationship and recalling a memory of learning about his own mother being shot and wounded by his stepfather,. “What I see in the situation [about Kanye]He said that a “woman who doesn’t want to be harassed or abused by her ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, or ex-anything” was what he meant.

Both Kanye and Pete have in the past spoken publicly about struggling with their mental health. The two exchanged text messages recently. SNLKanye was text-messaged by star, who said he was “in love” with Kim and offered to help him. He was in his Daily ShowMonologue: Noah criticized Pete’s actions.

Noah explained, “Now it’s possible to improve the mental health and well-being of somebody you want to help.” “It’s like roasting someone and giving them CPR.”

Noah commented on Kanye’s now-deleted Instagram photo about him. expressed compassion for the rapper, telling him, “There are few artists who have had more of an impact on me than you Ye…Which is why it breaks my heart to see you like this.”