Travis KelceKnows how to conquer the world of Instagram love, one Instagram move at time.

The Kansas City Chiefs player for football came across the internet in 2017. Kayla NicoleThe profile on social media of. The next step was to create a strategy that gradually became a winning one.

Travis exclusive shared this with CelebHomes News: “I wasn’t going through every picture and liking it instantly.” It took a whole month to follow her, like the photos she posted and watch all her stories as they came out.

He said, “I was stalking her, and then, finally, on New Years’s, I gave in. It was the New Year that changed me. “She just took her shot and jumped into my DMs. The rest is history.”

In fact, the pair plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day together with a special date night. Travis is still not sure where Kayla is going, but the NFL player is certain to inspire his loyal cheerleader.