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Sometimes trashy is just trashy. Right now though, it’s trashy. trending. Although it might sound contradictory to be trendy and trashy, we are not. You might like Euphoria, Pam & TommyThe Curse of Von Dutch, and a Brand to Die For The documentary “Trashy Trucker Hats” is a look at how trendy and fashionable these styles have become. 

None of these characters will be called trashy by us. They are our favorite! We love Lily James, Pamela Anderson, and the entire Euphoria highschool student body as our latest style inspirations. The pieces they wear are often characterized as “trashy,” but they make them look so cool, and so can you. 

The trend is being worn by It-girls across the globe. We are getting all the Y2K-inspired fashion vibes from it. See below to see 17 different ways you can get the trashy-chic look.