Old habits die hard, or characters in Tracey Ullman’s case. Remember those nights when she’d be on HBO regularly? Yeah, we miss those nights too, and her lengthy relationship with the broadcast giant. But, the comedy vet has been well ever since. Ullman can be seen in latest musical Into the Woods and an upcoming TV movie comedy, Good Session. And, to address the “State of the Union,”Ullman sold her 3 bed/3 bath estate in the Brentwood area on Jan 8th of this year.

Ullman’s house is nothing to laugh at. It’s private and beautiful both on the inside and out. The 3,013 sq ft living space includes short zen walkways where you could stand for probably an hour and just take in some surroundings. There’s long walks to be had within the house itself to reach certain rooms. But, that’s nothing new! The pool area, though, is an area of the house which may beckon you at least once a day to just sit (or stand) and be mesmerized by mountainous and full landscape views.

Other luxuries to be had are screening room/den, centralized AC, attached private driveway, office, fireplaces, and appliances.

Address: 1200 N Tigertail Rd, Los Angeles CA 90049