You don’t need Oprah to approve of you, check out these glowing reviews from customers.

Where has my life been without this oven? My life is so easy now that I don’t need to cook. It cooks beautifully and the meals taste great. It is an essential item for any household.

“Once you go Tovala, you can’t go back. All the meal-prep services, including Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, have been tried by us. Tovala’s heating system is superior to all of the others, including the packaging. The meals are fresh and delicious. They’re also perfectly cooked. Do not make our mistake of waiting for years to buy one. It is an absolute game-changer for home cooked meals.

It was amazing to see how delicious these meals turned out. Tovala continues to amaze me with the quality and breadth of its meals. This is a great alternative to fast food or eating out.

Tovala is a wonderful place to live for my husband and me. We retired after 40 years of working and decided to enjoy the new life we have created. We don’t want to spend hours grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning up dishes. We thought, ‘Let’s try Tovala and see if this oven/meal service works. It is absolutely amazing! Tovala saves money because you don’t have to buy as many different ingredients. Or, because there are too many other food items that we can use. We tell all our retired friends and neighbors they should try Tovala—it has literally saved us money, and we eat better and healthier than we ever have!”

“Very impressed! We love our Tovala! It was delicious! Perfect portion sizes. They are perfect for hectic weeks and even my husband, who isn’t a cook, can prepare them. Easy to use with the app.

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