Tori SpellingI am “addressing” her “expired, recalled” breast implant.

It Beverly Hills, 90210An alum shared a photograph of herself with a surgeon on Thursday, Nov. 17. The alum wrote that she was finally taking care of expired and recalled implants after years of struggling with them for so long. She also included a picture showing foam breasts inside a jar. Thank you for getting me into @drjplasticsurgery. It was a great consultation! I adore you already…”

Tori had previously revealed that her implants had “expired”. This was during the October episode. Jana Kramer: Whine down. She answered yes to being asked whether she needed new implants. The actress said that she was not told when her implants were done that they will need to be replaced in 10 years.

Tori is not the only celebrity who has shared her experiences with implant surgery.

In this year Mena SuvarI, and Bachelors degree Clare CrawleyOffered to have their implants removed. This happened last year. Ashley Tisdale Chrissy TeigenThey also agreed to undergo the surgery.