In 2016, the actress told Lena DunhamInterview for Lenny LetterStella, then seven years old, was devastated to learn that her mother had breast augmentation surgery.

Tori stated that people are obsessed about me having my breast implants taken out because they have been recalled.[Stella] said, ‘Huh, your boobs aren’t real?’ “Huh, your boobs aren’t real?” I thought it was funny. It was almost like Santa Claus. I was confused. “I was so sorry that you said that,” I replied. No, they’re not. Yes, I do have breast implants. [Stella]”I believed your boobs to be real,” he said. They were real, I thought. They are real. You said that they look real. They aren’t. They are the absolute worst.

Stella said that Stella was “very maternal” at the time and she would always ask Stella if she needed to have her implants changed.

Tori, who is also a mommy to daughter Hattie; 10; and sons Liam, 14, Finn9. BeauCelebHomes News’ 4″ said that she wants to stay around long enough to care for her grandchildren and to help my children. My great-grandkids. It’s a wonderful experience and I am so excited for the operation.”