A key element of the Australian dream is owning your own property. This remains true despite the fact that house prices continue to rise. It has led to imaginative housing solutions, such as the tiny house movement and an increase in the number of people building their own houses.

In fact, there are some fantastic deals on house and land packages that will help you to create your perfect home. Of course, a great-looking house is only part of the solution, you need to feel comfortable inside your home, allowing you to relax and enjoy life.

One of the best ways to do this is to make your home feel more like a hotel, without the need to pay. Styling it this way is easier than you think.

Go Luxurious

One thing you’ll always notice about a hotel room is how great the bed feels when you slide between the sheets. Of course, you’re not going to replace your sheets every day like they do in the best hotels. But, you can invest in cotton sheets that feel great as you slide beneath the covers.

Adding a selection of colour-coded cushions and a throw can make the room feel even more luxurious. 

Get A New Mattress

It’s hard to beat the feel of a new mattress. You can choose between soft, medium, or firm, depending on your personal preference. But, whichever you choose, you’ll instantly feel more comfortable and pampered in your bed.

Add Scented Candles

Hotel rooms are freshly cleaned and smell great. It can be hard to replicate this in a home where people are constantly coming and going. One of the best ways to make your house look, feel, and smell more like a hotel is to add scented candles.

They add a nice touch to each room and you don’t even need to light them to enjoy the scent.

Keep It Minimal

Another key element of any hotel room is that there is no clutter. Hotel rooms are functional but comfortable. You can mimic this style by removing clutter and unwanted items from each room of your house. Stick to the essentials and a few small personal touches and you’ll feel much more like you’re staying in a hotel.

Keep Colours Neutral

The average hotel room is white with stylish modern furniture carefully positioned. You need to copy this effect at home. Start by painting the interior walls white and then look at the lines of your furniture. Simplistic yet modern furniture enhances the feel of the room, making you feel like you’re in a hotel.

Add Some Fake Flowers

Fake flowers are great because they look like the real thing but they don’t need any looking after. That’s why many hotels choose them and you can do the same. Simply choose high-quality fake flowers that look natural and put them in strategic places around your home, such as the entrance hall and on the dining room table.

You’ll be amazed at how much difference they make.