Gregory GourdetHe is sharing his “pandemic-weight journey”

Take to Instagram Jan. 10 Chefs to WatchStar revealed that he has lost 40 pounds, and shared before-and-after pictures. 

He wrote, “212# to 172#,” alongside the photos. It was very difficult.

Gourdet, when looking back on his experiences, recalls how “between gyms closing and a running injury (I’ve torn my meniscus), survival eating at work, and a lot of weight gain in 2020.” He decided to “reset” his health in July when he had reached his “highest ever weight”.

He said, “But yoga and intermittent fasting didn’t work in the past.” He made some adjustments. Gourdet’s journey was not the same. He did a mix of intermittent fasting and keto, as well as running, weight training, yoga, hydrotherapy, and acupuncture.  

He wrote that he power-walked for several months on a treadmill until his therapist convinced me to run again. “I tried keto, which was the first time I did it. My fasting increased to 20-24 hours once a week. Then I lost the weight. It was a long and exhausting process that I learned more about the health benefits of keto.