You can keep your sexual harassment secret for many reasons. Many people live in fear that they will lose their job or have their careers destroyed by sexual harassment. Others simply don’t know who to trust or what steps to take. Many victims feel so confused and traumatized that they don’t know what to do next. Celebrities can also be affected by this.

While sexual harassment and assult are a hot topic right now, many victims remain afraid to speak out about their experiences. According to surveys and research, as high as 81% of women have experienced sexual harassment and assult. Only 43% of men do. dealt with some form of sexual harassmentThey can report it throughout their life. An estimated 75% of victims don’t report it.

1. Ashley Judd

After nearly 20 years of silence, Ashley Judd, an actress and activist, spoke out against Harvey Weinstein. After being accused of sexual misconduct by Weinstein in the past, she was the first celeb to make public her accusations.

Judd opened up to the public in a New York Times article that Weinstein harassed her in 1997 but she didn’t know how to report it or who she could go to. Judd now talks to other victims of sexual harassment and promotes breaking the silence about it.

2. Taylor Swift

In 2013, David Mueller from Denver, a Denver radio DJ, sexually assaulted Taylor Swift. He pulled up Taylor Swift’s skirt and began to grope her. Ms. Swift immediately reported the incident to Mueller’s radio show executives and he lost his job. He tried to sue Swift for his career and life damages.

Taylor Swift refused to become the victim once again and countersued Meuller, saying she wouldn’t take the blame for his actions. After the trial, Swift’s words and actions encouraged other victims to speak up and hopefully prevented Mueller from harassing anyone else in the future. 

3. Anthony Rapp

Women aren’t the only ones that are victims of sexual harassment. Anthony Rapp revealed in 2017 that he had suffered abuse at the hands Kevin Spacey as a 14-year-old actor. Spacey has been accused of abuse by many other men since that time.

Rapp claimed that the incident of sexual harassment occurred in 1986. However, it’s never too late for you to tell the truth. If you think or know you’ve been a victim of harassment or abuse, an LA sexual harassment lawyerThey can assist you with any queries you may have, and they will help you get the help that you need. Abusers will stop hurting more victims if they are forced to speak up.

4. Alyssa Milano

You can’t talk about celebrities opening up about sexual harassment without mentioning child actress Alyssa Milano. Milano is well-known for starting the hashtag #MeToo on Twitter in 2017. She finally spoke out in 2017 about the sexual abuse she suffered as a child many decades ago. 

The abuse was so painful that she kept it quiet, fearing the consequences and unsure of whom to confide in. For 25 years she didn’t talk about it, but was inspired by other people sharing their experiences. She also spoke out against Donald Trump’s tweets that criticized another victim who was speaking out against her abuser.