Tommy DorfmanShe and her husband Peter ZurkuhlenThey have now officially separated.

The couple tied the knot five years ago. According to CelebHomes News online court records, Zurkuhlen (33) filed for divorce form Dorfman (29), on Tuesday Feb. 1. They met via a mutual friend in 2005. The couple got engaged in April 2015. Their marriage took place in Portland, Maine, in November 2016.

In July last year, 13 Reasons You Should CareAfter “privately identifying as a female” and having lived for over a year as star, she came out as transgender after revealing her identity to the world. TIME. Tommy wrote the magazine’s cover story and reflected on her professional and personal lives.

According to her, “Personally it’s crazy to be 29 again and go through puberty,” she said. “Some days I feel like I’m 14. Because of this shift in my outlook, I now seek different types of romantic partners. My nine-year-long relationship with my gay husband was one in which I was considered a manlier, more sexually mature person. He is so wonderful to me, and we have come to realize that I don’t always see what I want in a homosexual man.