Great padding is the result of great power.
According to Spider-Man, There’s No Way Home star Tom Holland, who has revealed that one of his counterparts supposedly sported a fake pair of buns in their costume during filming.
His Feb. 21 interview on NBC was a revealing one. Late Night with Seth Meyers. “But, one of us has fake ans in their suit. This is what you can do. 

(If you don’t get tingling sensations, let us know: Spider-ManHolland joined his predecessorsTobey Maguire Andrew Garfield, who both reprised their roles as the previous Spider-Mans to lend a few helping hands in the flick).
Holland did not stop making jokes. The 25-year-old Holland told the host that he was still pulling punches there. Seth Meyers“I can still remember being on the set and feeling like that,” WOW. Wait, a second. That’s not true.