Tom HollandKnows his top ladyZendayaIt is considered a fashion icon.

It Spider-Man has no way home co-stars—who are also a couple IRL—appeared on the French program Quotidien on Nov. 30 for a joint interview. During a segment about Zendaya’s Fashion Icon award at his year’s CFDAs, a video montage of her past looks—from red carpets and Met Gala events—flashed on the screen as she talked about the importance of fashion and working with friend and stylist Law Roach.

Zendaya was bare-chested about the montage and Tom didn’t hesitate to respond to her comments.

He smiled and said, “It’s unbelievable though. It’s incredible.” Zendaya giggled as she helped him to show his sweater, before the host changed the subject.

Tom’s praise of Zendaya isn’t new.  Earlier this month, Tom took to his personal Instagram—or Zendaya stan account—to praise his girlfriend after she received the historic Fashion Icon award at this year’s CFDAs.