Essex Serpent book fans: Tom Hiddleston says you’re going to like what you see.

Alongside him, the actor at 41 years old stars Claire Danes Apple TV+’s brand new seriesThe Essex SerpentBased on the British novel with the same title in 2016 Sarah Perry. Tom shares his hopes with fans in an interview exclusive to CelebHomes News. 

“I hope the fans will find the books interesting and engage with the series,” he stated. I think that we were extremely faithful.”

And while some may view starring in a series with a large fan base stressful, Tom said “it doesn’t feel like pressure,” in fact, he views the “existence of the book” as a “gift.”

Tom said, “Sarah Perry has so many interior lives for each character,” and added, “So it is something you can incorporate into the performance to interpret.”

Tom, while the book might have been a gift for you, your presence on the show was an even greater present.