Okay, we’re Lo-kiYou can tear it up.

In 2021, Disney+ was back LokiCheck out our tiny screens. Tom HiddlestonLoki, a character in’s film was revealed to be bisexual. The 41-year old has now spoken out about his on-screen experience. 

He said that he hoped Loki’s coming out as bisexual would be meaningful for people who saw it. The Guardian. It was only a first step. There’s still much to do. However, it was a significant step for us all.

In season one—while waiting out an apocalypse—regular Loki and his friend Sylvie (Sophia Di MartinoLoki and a friend were discussing their love lives. And princes. 

In 2021 director Kate Herron noted that that moment was extremely crucial for her.

“From the time I joined, LokiShe wrote the following tweet: “It was important to me and my goal to acknowledge Loki as bisexual.” This is an integral part of his identity and mine. This is just a step in the right direction, but it’s a great feeling to be able to call Canon MCU.