They are the best dads when it comes fatherhood.

Although a Super Bowl championship or Super Bowl win is great, there’s one thing that many athletes adore more: their dad!

This is certainly true for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback. Tom Brady who is looking forward to celebrating Father’s Day June 20 away from the football field. Instead, he wants time spent with his kids. Jack, 14, Benjamin12, Vivian, 9.

I don’t like to be alone. CelebHomes News exclusive: “I want all of my children around me. That’s all that I want.” Daily Pop. “I’d love to play a few games of basketball, or go swimming or do something similar. There’s no better feeling than being together.

Tom is only one example of professional athletes who amaze fans when they play on game days. But when the uniform comes off and the lights go black at the stadium, home is where the heart is.