Gisele is well-known for her strict, plant-based diet. This excludes white sugar, MSG and white flour as well as caffeine and dairy. On his podcast, the NFL’s star player stated that their children’s diets “get more relaxed” when he is around. 

He said that they probably eat a lot more sugar.

Tom also stated that they stay up later under his watch. They spend more time on the iPad. My wife enjoys it. She’s very aware of what they need. I’m a little looser about things. I let a few more things go to them.”

The family is also preparing for Trick or Treaters at their Florida home. The guests don’t have to eat the same food as them.

Tom said, “My wife’s been into this a lot lately.” “We decorated the house. We have a Grim Reaper. We have a ghost.  We have a cat. It’s eyes move when someone crosses it. We also give out good candy. I can remember when I was in elementary school, we would go Trick-or-Treating. We always went to the houses that gave out great candy.  You can get great candy if you stop by our house.”