You can’t give the greatest gift if it is wrapped in paper. It must be given in love.

This month was earlier. Marcy Posey, GattermanWhen her daughter was born, a major change took place in Alicia’s life. Toddlers & TiarasStar Kailia Posey16 years old, he took his own life.

Kailia was described by her family as “a talented teenager with bright future ahead,” and she recently joined her high school’s cheerleading team. She also won the Miss Washington Teen USA Pageant title in February. According to her family, Kailia made the “rash” decision to end her life.

Kailia’s mother is continuing to mourn the loss with friends and family.

Marcy spoke exclusively with CelebHomes News about how Kailia discovered a TikTok blanket that she loved and wanted for her mother. The present arrived in the mail two weeks later—after Kailia’s death—and Marcy was blown away by the thoughtfulness.