TLC has lost one member of their family. 

Kailia PoseyWho appeared on? Toddlers & Tiaras as a child, has died, her mom confirmed on Facebook on May 2. Her age was only 16 years. “I don’t know any words, or thoughts.” Marcy Posey, GattermanOn the social media platform, she also posted a photo of Kailia and wrote: A beautiful little girl has died. As we grieve the passing of Kailia, please respect our privacy. You will always be my baby.”

The cause of the death is not known. CelebHomes News reached the Las Vegas police, which is where the family lives, but they have not returned our calls. 

Kailia and Marcy appeared together on TLC’s series. Marcy trained Kailia to become a contortionist. “When Kailia was younger, when she was 3, she started doing pageants,” Marcy said in a clip from the show, posted to YouTube. She’s an expert when she steps on that stage. Although she may say that she is nervous, once she gets there she becomes a professional. She will beat you every time.