Toby KeithFeeling the love.

After sharing the news about his stomach cancer, country music star and singer of Country Music was able to return to social media to share his message with his followers. He said, “Thanks for all the love and support.” tweetedJuni 14. “I have some of the most loyal fans anywhere.”

The “Red Solo Cup” singer revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer last fall. In a June 12 message, he stated that he had spent 6 months receiving chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. “So far, so good. “I need to take some time out for me to relax, breathe and recover.”

He said, “I look forward to spending time with my loved ones,” But I am sure that the fans will be there sooner than expected. “I can’t wait!”

Toby (60) received many well wishes from friends, fans and other stars in response to the news about his health. Lance CarpenterCommenter on his Instagram Post: “Prayers up to ya Big Dog!” CMT host Cody AllenCommented also, Toby, much love!