One thing is certain TinxIt’s what she loves doing, and it is overshare. 

However, the TikTok superstar—whose full name is Christina Najjar—was relatively coy during CelebHomes News’ Daily PopAfter host Justin Sylvesteras guest emcee Kristin Cavallari brought up “that one rumor” about her.

Tinx grinned, admitting that she had an idea for the one.  

They were, of course, talking about Diplo, who’s not only been spotted hanging out with Tinx in the past, but was once labeled her “boyfriend” on the jumbotron at a Dec. 2021 Las Vegas Raiders game. 

It’s still unclear if the Tinx was a genuine public display of affection or merely a joke. Did admit on Daily PopDiplo describes himself as “a very handsome gentleman.” 

The confession came before Justin made his own scandalous admission about the “Lean On” producer, which may or may not have left Tinx speechless. My mom is looking at this!” She said. She replied, “I cannot smile nor frown.”