CelebHomes – What are you most fond of about Amazon Shopping?
TM: This has changed my entire life. Amazon is my go-to place for everything. It’s so easy to just say “I need it” and then order. It’s simple: I just think about it and order it. It is that easy. Even though it is a gift, it almost feels like one. It’s so straightforward. Amazon is the best thing since sliced bread. That’s something I cannot even imagine. You already know the products have been tested so the 4-star section and physical 4-Star store will do most of the lifting. I’m going to have perfect presents to give people because  all the hard work has been done for me. Amazon 4 Star Shop products are amazing, because you can just have it put together. 

CelebHomes: Tell me about the Pawlidays Pet Portraits Event.
TM This is so wonderful to have the opportunity to share this experience with my children. They were taken from China by me. They are my whole world. They’re the most sweetest and loving people I know. Sometimes I don’t think they are real because they look so amazing. It’s so exciting to get all dressed up. Some of the dresses I am making tonight are my own. To make them more stunning, customized and couture, I purchase dresses from Amazon. 

CelebHomes – What pet items do you purchase from Amazon regularly?
TM: Absolutely. Amazon is where I shop for their products every month. Stella and Chewy’s Venison and Lamb Mix are small patties you can cut up and put in a bowl. Amazon is where I also buy their WeeWee pads. All of the little dresses for my dogs are purchased on Amazon. I then make them look fancy with sequins and ribbons from Amazon.