Tinder Swindler is back—and he’s sharing his side of the story.

Simon LevievNetflix’s documentary on a subject called “Emily” Tinder SwindlerHe went live via Instagram on March 28th to answer questions about his movie, life in general, the accusations against him and future plans.

But the real question is, do we really believe him?

Leviev, 31, is a globe-trotting conman accused of coercing women around the world more than $10,000,000 using Tinder. He was known to match women with whom he wanted, befriend and even have relationships, before extorting money. Many of the victims that he manipulated—both emotionally and financially—were profiled in the documentary.

Leviev was detained in Greece on January 19, 2019, after he tried to get a fake passport. After being convicted of four fraud charges, he was extradited back home to Israel where he was sentenced to fifteen months imprisonment. After serving just five months of his sentence, he was freed in May 2020. 

Tinder Swindler was released on Netflix in February 2022, bringing Leviev’s story—and larger-than-life personality—to the mainstream.