Tinder swiped left Shimon Hayut.

Hayut was also banned from the dating app. Simon LevievWhen you are looking for potential dates, use the application provided by Netflix. Tinder Swindler The scams were described in detail. CelebHomes News was contacted by a Tinder spokesperson on Monday February 5. They stated that they had conducted an internal investigation and could confirm Simon Leviev’s inactivity on Tinder.

A Netflix documentary was released February 2. It featured interviews with several women who claimed they were conned of hundreds of thousand. [one lost at least $250,000]Hayut is worth millions. He claimed he was the son a Israeli diamond magnate Levi LevievBnei Brak’s native, Israel would lure women into his home with lavish first dates. According to Cecilie Schrøder FjellhøyThat meant that she was flown to Bulgaria by a private plane.

As time passed, Hayut began to talk to his girlfriends about the dangers he faced from the so-called “enemies” in the diamond cutting industry. He’d eventually say that he had lost his life. Hayut would then ask for the ladies to open a credit account in his name, and give it back to him because he could not use his personal card to security.