Tayler HolderClose to losing everything.
Chatter about allegations against TikTok began spreading online in early this year. The TikTok star lost prominent fans like Bryce Hall Loren Grey. He was also dealing with the public split from DJ. Charly Jordan.
As part of the Barstool Sports episode, February 1, Best friends podcast, co-host Dave PortnoyTayler was flatly asked if he expected to be charged with sexual misconduct. Taylor replied, but he had more questions than answers.  
Tayler said, “If it is something to such an extent and so serious, then I have dealt with people who have gone through things like that. It’s not something I take lightly.” It’s not something that I agree with. It is a serious matter, and I’m not sure why people go online to find out more. It should be handled professionally and legally offline. At this point, there are no allegations.
Now, as Tayler prepares for his return to music with the release of his single “Human” April 27, the content creator is sharing an open letter exclusively with CelebHomes News in which he addresses his split from Charly, the online harassment he faced and the lessons he learned after “being ‘cancelled’ for something I absolutely did not do.”