Attention: The following story contains content warning.

TikTok Star Mikayla Nugueira is opening up about her health.

The beauty influencer, who is known for posting bubbly videos on new makeup trends and products, shared a personal video about the mental health challenges she’s struggling with, which also includes her eating disorder. 

“I, unfortunately, am struggling really bad with my mental health,” Mikayla said in a three-minute video on her new TikTok page, @lifewithmikaylajane. “I’m currently in one the worst mental conditions I’ve experienced for a very long time.” Today, I am having a positive day. However, my eating disorder is not under control.”

According to the TikTok Star, she made a page to document her journey towards healing. According to Mikayla, she is currently getting the help she needs through treatment and by working with a therapist.

“I let my self go for a long time. I haven’t been taking good care of myself,” she confessed. She said, “All that will change.” “I’ve reached a bottom and would like to climb.”