It Marilyn MonroeTikTok has a brand new mother! 

Jasmine ChiswellThe platform was famous for her style that is vintage inspired. She gave birth to a boy. On Monday Jan. 17, she shared the news to her 14 million fans by replying “yes” to a commenter who wrote: “She ain’t post in two daysss is baby HERE?” 

Chiswell, who revealed in September that she was expecting a baby boy with husband Maverick McNeillyThe woman had been counting down until the due date. She even posted dance videos she thought would help her get into labor. 

Last week, she wrote “Any day any moment now.”

“Guess what… If the baby doesn’t arrive … In the next day or so… We go in for our induction!” She added later. “Ahhhhhhhhh, I feel so nervous and excited all at once !!!”

McNeilly and Chiswell confirmed McNeilly’s son’s arrival. Chiswell wrote, “Ily both so very !!!!”” On TikTok, she previously stated that McNeilly’s excitement for their baby “warms my heart.”