Tiger King Star Joe ExoticHe was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. 

On Nov. 3, his Instagram page posted a handwritten letter, dated Oct. 27, that Exotic had written to fans from prison. In the letter, Exotic said his doctors called to tell him that his prostate biopsy came back with a cancer diagnosis.

He stated that he was sharing the news with a “sad face” and added, “I am still waiting for the results from the other test.”

The big cat fanatic wrote that he doesn’t “want anyones pitty [sic],” but instead hopes fans will advocate for his release from prison. He was previously sentenced to 22 years behind bars for two separate murder-for-hire plot counts for allegedly attempting to hire hitmen to take down his rival, Carole Baskin. However, a federal appeals court ruled in July that a trial court must give him a new sentence, grouping the alleged crimes together.