You party-goers! You are ready to party? killer new series? 

We know it’s coming! Apple TV+ has released their first trailer for the comedy series “The Comedy Show” on Dec. 14. Afterparty. It stars Tiffany Haddish, Sam RichardsonAnd Dave FrancoThe story centers on a reunion of high school students that leads to a tragic death in which everyone becomes a suspect. 

Celebrity party host Xavier Franco gives a toast to start the night. Hillmount High deserves a big up. “We started at the upper center and now we are here,” Xaviar shouts in the trailer. For tonight, mi casa will be, uh… you all know the rest! We gonna live forever!”

The night turns when his body is found on a cliff at an afterparty to his high school reunion, according to the video’s breaking news announcement.

The detective, Hadish, arrives to question each partygoer and suspect.