What do actual Amazon customers think about Amazon? These reviews will help you decide. 

“Excellent value! “Excellent value! The weighted blanket adds weight and heat without being too hot. It makes me feel better and helps to sleep more soundly. These blankets are often very expensive. This one, however, isn’t as costly and still delivers what I expected. It is a great blanket.

“I had to check out the hype. Two coworkers told me about weighted blankets a year back and I finally gave it a try. It is difficult for me to get good sleep at night because I work night shift. Right from the first couple of nights, I loved it and as did my wife. Even her pink one was a request!

It is possible to love a blanket. Yes! Yes! It’s the only thing that keeps me awake at night. I am just about to fall asleep, but then my legs get up and decide to move. It was suggested that weighted blankets could be helpful so I gave it a shot. My husband was shocked to see how quickly I fell asleep the first night. There was no kicking, twisting, flipping or twitching. It has brought me back to sleep. His blanket has also helped me to sleep better. It’s amazing that they managed to make blankets that are 20 pounds in weight and comfortable to use. 

These are amazing! I had read them a long time ago and finally decided to try them. I have always felt more comfortable sleeping with my weight on my legs. For a while, I had used folded blankets but they don’t work well in the summer heat. This was my first time using it and I was sore the next morning. This blanket kept me still and didn’t make me feel agitated throughout the night. The blanket is incredibly beneficial for my sleep quality. However, the glass beads keep it cool and not too hot. Absolute life saver.”

I have several weighted blankets, but this one is my favorite for summer. This blanket is not too hot and keeps you cool. I cannot sleep without it. The blanket is very soft. I can sleep all night under it. This blanket would also be a wonderful gift!”

Keeps me cool, calm. I have an old weighted blanket, but I rarely use it as it gets too hot. It was so easy to use and it is absolutely wonderful! This has a cool effect that I can keep on my bed all night. You can find the perfect weight by using the chart. The 15 pound size was perfect for me.