You can read the glowing reviews of Sephora customers who love this product if you are still unsure about buying it.

One customer said, “This product is my favorite! It completely cleared my skin of acne at 22 years old and made my skin brighter. Although it does smell, the scent is not irritating my extremely sensitive skin.

Another user raved, “I absolutely love this serum. Just turned 30, and I struggled with prominent creases/wrinkles. After using this serum for nearly two months, my wrinkles are much less obvious and my skin’s complexion has greatly improved. My skin is always complimented.

Another person said, “This serum is my favorite in all of life!” Let me give you some context. I have very dry skin. I don’t usually experience dryness or breakouts from retinols, but this product is perfect and doesn’t leave me feeling tight. You can see a huge difference in my skin’s smoothness and appearance. My skin appears less smoother on days when i don’t use it. Although it is expensive, i’ve repurchased it three times and I believe it’s well worth it.

“Stop aging! It’s starting to show that my skin has been aging. Two weeks ago I began this program and already see results in tightening my forehead lines. This is a miracle worker! This product doesn’t cause any irritation to my very sensitive skin.

A second customer said, “I have sensitive and I thought this would be a good idea. My skin looks so much more radiant after just two use! It made my skin look brighter overnight, and my skin woke up looking younger and more radiant.