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One person said “Omg, omg, omg.” It’s amazing. Chopping vegetables is something I loathe. Hate. Hate. Hate. I saw this as a lightning sale and decided that it was worth the effort. People, people…. In less than 10 minutes, I filled 4 Dixie plates with vegetables. Seriously. For 15 seconds I sauteed an onion that I cut earlier. Yes, really. You will love this if you are tired of buying the same frozen veggies over and again like I am. It is truly a kitchen wonder.

Another person stated, “OUR BIGGEST HELPER in MEAL PREP TIME.” He added, “Oh, we love this chopper?” Yes, WE DO. Definitely. It was only a few months ago that we purchased it, and since then this has been our most important helper when meal prepping. This little magic tool allows us to peel and cut potatoes, onions, and peppers with one another. This is so simple!

Amazon’s shopper stated, “Makes my life so much simpler. It does more than I could imagine. Prepworks used to make a similar device, but it was difficult to use. It broke soon after you tried to chop too hard. It takes very little effort to chop through food, and the container is large.

A customer recommended, “BUY IT NOW!” It is a wonderful product. Yesterday was the first day I tried it. I was able to wash and dice my potatoes and bell peppers in less than 10 minutes. BUY. IT. NOW. Purchase it now for your friends. Purchase it for your boss. This is the ultimate gift.

One fan said, “Yes!” Buy it. I don’t know where this item has gone all my life. Ceviche and salsa are my favorites. The machine cuts everything perfectly into tiny squares. After dicing the tomatoes, and then the jalapenos, I used the tool to cut them. The cilantro was also shredded and I put it in the food processor. It cuts perfectly no matter what you use. It takes me about 1/2 an hour to trim, and I only took 3 minutes to nip the edges of my nails as close as possible.

This chopper is an absolute treasure for someone who only uses one hand. The chopper comes equipped with several blades as well as a cleaning utility. Blades are sharp enough to cut through onion and bell pepper. The one attachment can be used to spiralize zucchinis and the second attachment creates ribbons. Everything is collected right after cutting into the desired amount and placed in a container that can be measured. This chopper is highly recommended. The chopper is far superior to the original,” an Amazon customer reviewed.