Fans were teased with social media riddles, Joseph Morgan confirmed he will in fact appear in the LegaciesFinale of series.

“I don’t know if I’ve got permission to do this,” the actor, who played Klaus Mikaelson, said on Instagram Live June 9. “I’m not sure if it is necessary, to be truthful with you. However, it’s here and now so let me tell you two things: Klaus will be back in the last episode of Legacies.”

Joseph added that it will be a “fleeting moment,” but promised the “very secret, very clandestine scene” will be worth the wait.

As for why it was so important to end the series with Klaus and his daughter Hope’s reunion, Joseph explained, “This was never ever about a ‘ship for me or for Klaus. It’s about the family. Family is the power. This story is about a father-daughter relationship and the responsibilities he feels towards his child.