The The Mean GirlsCast’s unbreakable bond is beyond admirable.

It’s been 18 years since this fan-favorite movie first appeared in theaters. Jonathan Bennett—who played the iconic role of Aaron Samuels in the comedy—is giving an adorable update on his long-lasting friendships with his former co-stars.

“I can talk to you” Danny [Franzese]Talk to me! Lindsay [Lohan]I speak to you Amanda [Seyfried]Every once in a blue moon,” he said to CelebHomes News. Daily PopHallmark Channel Christmas-Con 2022 We have an aThe Mean GirlsGroup chat which lights up on October 3.

Lohan’s character CadyHaron asked Aaron for a date on Oct. 3. This was in an effort to flirt, as die-hard Lohan fans will recall.

Bennett said, “It’s almost like a big family.” “We were all able to participate in this special movie, which meant a lot for a lot people. This is something you do not always get in your professional career.”

His star co-star Lacey Chabert—a.k.a. Gretchen Wieners—echoed Bennett’s sentiments at Christmas-Con, telling CelebHomes “it’s like no time has passed” since filming the 2004 film.