Sephora’s First Aid Beauty Sculpting Body lotion has received 3.8K+ reviews. Check out these reviews from fans of the product.

It makes my skin so soft. It is a great product. The product absorbs fast,” said a Sephora customer.

One person said that this lotion was “amazing!” This product works! I am always skeptical about these types of products. It works well on my butt. I’ve also been using it on my chin/neck/décolletage and it makes a visible difference, enough to skip the contour! You can use it everyday, as it is lightweight, and your skin will stay moisturized.

One customer said, “I love this moisturizer.” It has been working wonders on my skin for the past few weeks. I have been using it every night for several weeks. Although it’s thick, it is very absorbent.

One customer said that the lotion was “great.” You can definitely use it less than your usual body lotion because the application is thicker but still rubs in nicely and quickly. It’s not sculpting but I have used it all over my body with great results!

This stuff is amazing! It moisturizes my skin …), and I notice a change in the firmness. “As I get older this is something I require more of and I’m happy I found a great moisturizer to help,” one customer said in a product review.

Sephora customer said that the product is lightweight and makes my skin feel smoother. This product definitely makes a huge difference.

One person said, “I love the Sculpting Body Lotion!” The texture makes my skin feel firmer. It has a wonderful texture!”

This lotion can be used all over the body. Someone suggested it. You feel tightened and smooth on the neck and face. My skin texture and tone have been receiving compliments. This has been my daily skincare product for the past week. I am able to see the difference in the makeup that I use on my skin.