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This product is amazing. Spray it on my trash and recycle bins. I don’t have any flies. It keeps flies away from my picnic area, and also repels bees. It is worth a shot.

“It is refreshing and it works well…even opened my sinuses!” My outdoor area smelled wonderful. You should buy it. It’s a must-have for summer.

This product was ordered to repel the yellow jacket type of wasp. They can bite and sting very hard and are extremely aggressive. I have had many of these wasps this summer. Their natural attraction to sugars and proteins makes it difficult to keep my pets safe from being stung. They will eat everything I have. The only insecticide that works are ones with pyrethrins in them, which I can’t use safely around me or my animals. It worked, according to what I had read. You can use it anywhere you like and there’s no risk to my animals or me. Yellow jackets don’t like it, so meals have become an enjoyable experience rather than a nightmare.

It works well for repelling wasps in my house. I also like that it doesn’t cause toxic effects on children and pets.

I live in Washington State, and spiders can be very annoying during summer. Most windows have been cracked because A/C isn’t a regular occurrence here. After my previous attempts failed, I decided to try an all natural remedy. I spray every few days and so far, zero spiders have come to roost in my apartment. It is a wonderful product.

“Mighty Mint” is truly a game-changer! The simple essential oil spray I used to spray around my back porch was enough to immediately reduce the amount of nasty carpenter beetles in my kitchen. It has been used every day for the past two days and I am confident that we’ll have a pleasant summer. Make sure you do your research. You can save time, energy, and money by contacting an exterminator who is reliable. Buy a few Mighty Mint bottles to get rid of those pesky insects that you didn’t know you could eradicate from your home. This works!