If you’re on the fence about buying the Dr. Brandt Skincare Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer,, it has 105.4K+ “loves” from Sephora shoppers. Check out these reviews from fans of the product.

Long-time primer user said, “I’ve been using it for 6 years now and love it!” It helps to reduce pores and control shine, without drying out, and it is also the only primer that does not break me out. Love love love!”

One person recommends this product for use on makeup-free days. It is my personal favorite primer for mattifying and minimising pores. The application is so smooth and my skin looks soft. Sometimes. This is what I wear all the time. Highly recommended.

One shopper suggested that if you were going to purchase anything, get this primer. This primer blurs the pores and holds makeup all day without the need for a mask.

One person shared the following: “This primer has really helped my foundation stick on. For at least eight hours each day, I am wearing an n95 mask. My foundation and blush lasts until the time it is time to wash off at night when I apply this primer.

A customer said, “This product delivers what it promises: it blurs your pore size & doesn’t cause breakouts. It doesn’t make your makeup oily or greasy, and lasts longer than other products.

“Amazing primer. A shopper said, “This primer works great. I suffer from severe acne.”

One customer raved, “By far my favorite primer and I have tried many!” The mask kept my makeup on the job for the whole shift. My sensitive skin didn’t get irritated by it and the foundation looked great on top. The results were even better when I used it in conjunction with my CC Cream. It was perfect for my combination skin, which is usually very shiny. I would recommend this primer oil over any other color-world primer.