The Sunday Riley C.E.O. is a great option if you are still unsure. Sephora has given it 67.1K+ loves. Check out these reviews from fans of the product.

One person shared the “Mind-blowing!” It’s Sunday Riley that I have used, and it’s amazing in its quality. The serum is working well for me. It was very sensitive to my skin so I was concerned that it might cause skin irritation. Not at all. This serum actually provides the ideal amount of hydration. After the first application, I was able to see results. After using the serum, my skin is noticeably brighter and smoother.

Sephora’s shopper added, “Best Product I have ever used!” THIS!! I DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO GO WITH THIS PRODUCT. HELLO HEALTHY SKIN, LIT FROM WITHIN!

One customer said, “I’ve been using the vitamin C serum for just over four weeks.” I love the product’s light weight and its quick absorption on my skin. I notice a difference in the texture and moisture of my face immediately after applying it. It has been a great addition to my day and I won’t be able to stop using it. It makes my face feel brighter, and it feels more hydrated. This is the best product for me as I have very dry skin. My face looks radiant and is quick to absorb. This product has definitely increased my brightness and tone.

“Great product! My dark spots were lighter after I continued using it. This product was used every night and day to eliminate two dark patches that had developed from pimple picking. The product helped to lighten them,” shared a customer.

One customer said, “This is the best Vit C that I’ve ever used!” It has given me a wonderful glow for the past month. You can use a lot of it and it’s not as sticky as other products. You should definitely invest in it!”

One person said, “This serum has greatly helped my blemishes!” This serum is best used at night, after I have had a good shower. It makes my skin feel tighter and brighter when I get up the next morning. The product is easy to absorb and doesn’t feel heavy.