Laptop cooling has impressed me, but I am not the only one. Below are 5 star reviews left by other Amazon customers.

A customer shared, “Very quiet. EFFECTIVE. Because I work in a bank my hard drive has been extremely encrypted. There are 3 versions of Oracle developer, visual studio and ssms installed. I also have a specific license for each. This means that imaging is impossible. My laptop was *cooking*. The fan was in overdrive, but it was still burning up. To prevent my hard drive melting, I bought this. The laptop is almost silent when I am in an office with quiet air. My laptop is cold. While the fan quietly chugging away at its useless contribution, this machine does all of it. This thing has been gone for 3 years! “I’m going to buy more!”

Gamer Xavier said that the cooling pad was “Extremely helpful during long gaming sessions!” It’s a great cooling device that I use every day for gaming on my MSI GS65 gaming computer. The cooling pad is powered by USB. It has three large fans that keep your laptop cool while you’re gaming. It has blue LED lights that indicate that it is in use and give the laptop a pleasant aesthetic.

This device has been with me for several weeks and I have used it almost every day. This keeps my iMac desktop computer and two additional hard drives cool. It is also very quiet. It is easy to plug it in and then turn the switch on. You can turn the switch small to stop it from running. It turns off the computer and then automatically powers it down. “I have kept this computer running for many days and it still works great,” wrote an Amazon customer.

One person shared that the unit is quieter now than it was when I first turned it on. The unit does not make extra noises or rattle.

The cooling pad was praised by a fan who said, “Best laptop fan that I have ever owned!” Over the years, I have used many different laptop fans. Many times, my laptop was not kept cool enough by them. It has an incredible kick! The top feels very sturdy and has an metal feel. It will definitely last for a long time. It’s definitely worth it!

“I recently bought a gaming computer and I was anxious about its cooling. They tend to heat up more than normal. A friend recommended this product and it has worked perfectly,” shared a fellow gamer.

One person said it was “amazing, especially for those who use laptops in bed!” A 15 inch laptop gets very toasty when it’s seated on top of cloth. So I was ready to shop for a cooler. After reading all the good reviews, I decided to get one of these plates. After two weeks, I am still amazed at how quiet it works. It’s super quiet! It is light and sturdy but also very lightweight. The metal mesh helps to keep the laptop in place while directing air better. It’s great that the company has added a USB-through port. This allows me to save a port for coolers for lower-power devices, such as flash drives and dongles. (Don’t use this port for external drives with high power; it won’t provide enough power).

Amazon seller explained to me, “I use my computer for Sims 4, and I always have this device while I play.” It is noticeable that I notice a difference in my gameplay when the fan is not on, and when it’s turned on. You can touch it. It keeps my laptop much cooler. It is a great fan that I use every day to keep my laptop cool and extend its life. Anyone looking to be comfortable while gaming (and it does sit comfortably on your lap), and to prevent their laptop from getting too hot should consider this product. The device is quiet. It is very quiet. Sometimes I’m watching TV while playing video games, but you won’t be able to hear the sound.