These are photos taken from the sixth season of This Is UsYou will be able to say “Gee!”

Friday 19 November was NBC’s first look day. This Is Us“The sixth and final season premieres on Jan 4. And while 2022 will have us bidding farewell to the Pearsons, the new images hint that there’s still plenty more to learn about the beloved TV family.

Kevin is revealed in the photo album.Justin HartleyKateChrissy MetzRandall (Sterling K. BrownThe premiere will feature a special guest star, Jeremy (played by ). Randall sits with his family including his daughters in the episode “The Challenger”. Eris Baker, Faithe Herman Lyric RossBeth, Beth’s wifeSusan Kelechi WatsonZoom, celebrating their big day. They are clearly overwhelmed by the at-home celebration.

Another not-so-happy flashback from the ’80s is RebeccaMandy MooreJack (Milo Ventimiglia) sitting with a sulking Randall, Kate and Kevin (Isabella Rose Landau, Kaz Womack, Ca’Ron Jaden Coleman).