This Is UsContinues to transport viewers on an emotional rollercoaster.

The second and final episode of the series. Mandy MooreRebecca Pearson (the character of Randall) dies in the arms and company her family. Randall was devastated.Sterling K. BrownKevinJustin HartleyKate (Chrissy Metz). 

Mandy assures viewers that it won’t end in tears. Mandy warned viewers not be expecting every loose ending to be resolved. To clarify, she said that those who are waiting to see everything tied together with each character and story in perfect order should abandon this idea. Entertainment Weekly, “because that’s not the reality of life anyway.”

She said that it must be like this in some ways, as the Pearson family does not cease to exist when the series ends. Mandy stated, “You end telling one person’s story, and it’s like: ‘Yeah’, but they still have children, or they will continue to live a normal life. They will also have children. “This story could go on for ever.