If you’re on the fence about buying the Fresh Soy Makeup Removing Face Wash, it has 246.2K+ “loves” from Sephora shoppers. Check out these reviews from fans of the product.

The one who used it called it the “holy grail”, adding that “the best cleanser I’ve ever used!” My skin used to be combination-acne-prone, but it was great for me. Accutane has made my skin very sensitive, dry, and it still works wonderfully. It cleans my skin well and keeps it hydrated.

One customer wrote: “My favourite skin care product. Since years I have been a loyal customer. It’s great for all skin types. Roses are gentle and very relaxing.

I love this cleanser. It has been my only cleanser for two years. A fan raved about it.

Sephora customer said, “I have purchased this product three times and I will never go back to any other.” I was able to clear my skin with it. It took me so much time to find something that really helped me.

This is the best cleanser that I have ever used. My mom has also fallen in love with it. A reviewer said that she has sensitive skin. “This product is very gentle but effective.”

A customer stated, “Very gentle facial wash. I can use it everyday, morning & night. There is no artificial or fragmented smell. These are the best! Introduced by my cousin with sensitive skin & acne, she swears by this product!”

I love this face wash. The scent is wonderful and soothing. Sephora customer revealed that the smell was amazing.

One person said, “Absolutely love this makeup remover!” This remover really works and doesn’t require me to scrub as I used other products. This remover doesn’t cause irritation to my eyes while I am using it for eye makeup/making up. “I’m currently on my fourth refill. I intend to keep it going!”