It doesn’t mean you have to believe everything we say. See what others have to say about the foundation.

This product has been my go-to for over three years. I wouldn’t change. It doesn’t leave me with wrinkles at 65, and the coverage is great.

I love this foundation. The first foundation that I’ve tried to match my skin is this one. The coverage is medium-light, which I enjoy because it’s summertime. My acne scars are something I don’t like. I feel embarrassed about my skin. They were covered by this product. The photos below show me using foundation and no concealer on my forehead, cheeks, or forehead. This is the first picture before foundation was applied. The second photo is after. As you can see, I was able to get great coverage with this foundation. It is also matte, which is what makes it even better! This foundation is my holy grail because I have oily skin. This review will help you decide whether or not to buy it. The product blends perfectly and goes on. It is so good that I purchased another one! (Btw: I also got the color “330 Toffee Caramel”

The product could work for those with oily skin! Due to my indecisiveness about which color would match best, I ended up buying two. It is a matte foundation with a lightweight texture that sticks to the skin and gives you second skin. It lasted for a Breaking Benjamin concert, 5 Finger Death Punch and Bad Wolves without setting powder. You can build it up and cover the red on my skin. It is a product I would definitely purchase again! It is a bit disappointing that it only received 4 stars. One bottle has more in it than the other, but the product doesn’t seem to have leaked. I’m not sure why, but the product was fantastic! First picture shows me with no makeup. The reddish-reddish color of my face can be seen in the second photo. You can see my face in the first photo, which was taken before the concert. And the final photo after it! There is a little oil on my skin, but not enough to make me look oily.

“I have purchased this foundation many times and thought it would be a great idea to let others know how much I love it. This foundation is amazing. It is a foundation I love and have recommended to all my friends. No matter how oily or normal your skin may be, this foundation is perfect for you. This product should be part your foundation collection. The coverage is medium. It covers my entire face with just a couple of dots. My skin is very clear these days. My dry skin doesn’t make it look too cakey. The product looks very natural. You don’t need to flash it because it doesn’t include SPF. It looks great.
Let’s move on to packaging. Prices vary depending on the place you purchase it. However, it was much cheaper on Amazon than I paid and has been my go-to for back ups ever since. My shade is 220 natural, and I wear MAC NC37. Loreal true match W4, Milani conceal+ perfect 03 light, too-faced peach natural beige.

“I have used mac and Estee Launder for 10+ years. My skin is oily. I can tell you that this foundation is an absolute bomb. This make up held up & didn’t move on my oily skin. I have never thought that this foundation for the price looks & feels so good on my skin. This foundation isn’t heavy on my skin. I am amazed. Mac foundation is a 50-year-old, while Estee Lauder im a 2nd generation 6n2. Truffle.. I absolutely love mac foundation.

This product is amazing. “I have tested many foundations, from the high-end ($65-$70) up to these low price foundations. For the past 2 years, I’ve been using another brand. Adult acne, nodulars and cysts. Finding a foundation with full coverage that doesn’t clog up my pores can be difficult. It was hard for me to try this foundation because I was afraid of causing a breakout.
It was a great experience. It looks great. The makeup looked better the more I used it, without highlighting any wrinkles or lines. This is the only layer of foundation. You can add layers to make the foundation look more cakey. This product did not cause me any further breakouts, even after I used it several times. Because I couldn’t match my foundations perfectly, I ordered multiple colors. My arm is shown from left to right. The foundations are 120, 115 and 105. I found 105 to be the best for me. This product is excellent and I’ll continue to buy it.”

This makeup is very lightweight but provides good coverage. This makeup is not too cakey.

After looking at many YouTube videos about the best drugstore liquid foundations, I chose the Maybelline FitMe matte poreless. Although I normally wear powder-bare minerals foundation, my skin was not responding well to the powder. The matte option appealed to my oily/combination skin. Youtube had so many positive reviews that I was compelled to buy it.

The foundation is great. It is lightweight and can easily be built to provide coverage. This was crucial to me as I have severe acne. It has a matt finish without the need for setting powder. I also love how it hides my pores. Two colors were purchased because I wasn’t certain which one would be the right match. They turned out to be a great match. Below are photos of my arms in the different colors. Natural Ivory (right) is the lighter and Nude Beige, is the darker. These colors might look differently in different lighting. Nude Beige is darker than online. It’s better for those with tan. Natural Ivory is peachy with undertones.