Here’s what the reviewers think if you aren’t convinced yet:

My new gallon-sized water bottle is a great addition to my life. You know what it is like to be a parent of an active family. It’s not easy having 4+ water bottles and yet everyone drinking out of your bottle. This big man and I went on a long 3.5-hour kayak trip together. We only had one water bottle each.

The gallon-sized water container is designed to look like a regular water bottle, only it’s enlarged up to a gallon. My other gallon size water bottle has a handle, and is more like an ordinary milk jug. With its streamlined grips, the bottle looks more elegant with its fading colors. This plastic bottle has a soft, velvety texture and is very comfortable to hold.

The bottle was great, and it’s definitely larger than I thought. This product is durable and leakproof. The strap included is handy for carrying.

This water bottle looks cool. Although I have always been a water-drinker, the encouragement phrases and way the bottle is separated makes it more appealing. In order to satisfy this requirement, I have started to drink at a specific line. The colors are adorable. The bottle is bright and cheerful. My kids argue that I want their water bottles because they are so fond of it. They also get many compliments on it.