This is what the reviewers have to say:

“I am purchasing my 4th and 3rd sets of these sheets today. The other will go to my parents as a present. One year later, no problems at all. These sheets are easy to change for the weather and can be washed and re-worn. If it is cold outside, I will add a fleece blanket to the top of my bed. You won’t find a better set for less than $20. Additional sets are available in standard or king sizes.

They are so soft and comfortable. Seriously. It is so difficult to find sheets that fit my Sleep Number elevated head mattress. They are a little too long for my liking, but that is a good thing. The sheets feel like a soft sheet. Because I have children with sensory problems, I’ll be buying many more sheets of this type.

“The good? They are very soft. They are Egyptian soft quality. Because they are made of microfiber, the answer is no. These sheets are softest I have ever seen in microfiber. They are not thin sheets, even though they are lightweight. They’ve held up well to multiple washings. The stitching remains intact and sound.

“I’m usually a cotton-only sheet buyer so I thought I would give these sheets a shot. These sheets are so easy to maintain and to use for sleeping. As a warm sleeper (even in winter), I love to have a place to rest my feet and “regulate” the temperature. I love these sheets. I sleep comfortably at a moderate temperature, which is not too warm or cold.