You might be hesitant about purchasing the Peter Thomas Roth Pro Strength Exfoliating Super Peel. It has received 9K+ love ratings from Sephora shoppers. You can read these user reviews.

I noticed an immediate difference in the skin. Makes my skin feel great,” a customer shared.

One person stated, “Absolutely made a big difference in just 3 days!” My skin has become smoother. It’s gone! It was worth every penny.”

Sephora customer said that it was the best peel she’s ever used. The rinse-off allows you to use it only where and when you want. The texture of my skin feels so much better when I apply it to my lines.

One customer said, “This product made an incredible visible improvement on my skin.” After just few use, my skin felt the best it had ever been in adulthood. It is expensive but I am almost certain that it will continue to be used because of its undeniable benefits.

It is extremely easy to apply at home. This peel is perfect for sensitive skin. Cystic acne is a condition that causes scarring and darkening of the skin. “THIS STUFF ROCKS,” was a rave review from a user of the product.

A different person stated, “Absolutely satisfied” with the benefit described. Both my normal and sensitive skin are satisfied by it.