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It is fantastic! One customer said, “I received a lot of compliments on it and it fitted perfectly. The quality was much better than I had expected.”

A second reviewer commented, “I was impressed!” The top is very well-made, and the fabric is soft but not too transparent. They can be adjusted which is great as I have to tighten them up.

I’m obsessed by these shirts. It’s been in black and orange so far. I plan to get more. The quality of the products is excellent and they are very nice. You can wear it casually or classy in satin. The buttons are my favorite part of the shirt,” an Amazon customer wrote.

One person commented, “The fabric feels soft and drapey, isn’t too light or heavy and is breathable.” The cut is great. My torso is long and the cut fits perfectly to below my hip joints. The neckline looks great, whether it’s tucked in or not. It’s not too low but still interesting. The spaghetti straps can be adjusted so that the neckline doesn’t pose a problem.