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Amazon’s shopper said: “Holy freaking Molly! There are 50+ bras I’ve tried and no one gives this level of support. Underwire bras are very uncomfortable for me. The support was the exact same as in the bras, with no underwire. This one surprised me. It’s in every color!

The other explained, “I came here looking for an option to expensive sports bras from Fabletics. The price is almost half of the Fabletics’ and it certainly matches theirs. I’m canceling my subscription & ordering a bunch of these. The sports bra is very comfy and kept my girls safe while I jogged. It’s a huge deal for me as a D-cup.

One happy customer commented, “This bra has been amazing. I train almost every day. It’s so cute and practical.” A few girls asked me whether it was Lululemon, Gymshark. It is super strong and holds everything very well. All colors !!!” I plan to purchase.

I am thrilled to have finally found a Lululemon bra that is just as comfortable and nice as theirs, at a fraction of the price. My Lululemon sport bra is broken and it was a big surprise that they had more colors. I’m glad I discovered these Running Girl bras. “I’ll be able now to buy similar bras in other colors, because I won’t have to spend 3x as much on them,” an Amazon shopper said.

One person said, “THIS one is what I am looking for!”

“I am a size 34DDD and weigh 140lbs. It is hard to find bras that will fit my waist. The bra is very supportive and comfortable! One fan said that they were planning to buy two more.

This bra works well for large breasted women who are thin. “I have 34DD, I weigh 140lbs, and am 5’8in tall,” said a shopper.

Amazon customer raved, “The most comfortable bra I have ever owned.” Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis are my conditions. A 36DD, I am also 5′ 1″ tall. I felt terrible in my bras, whether they were sports or regular. The support that I wanted was not necessary, I just needed something comfortable to wear, maybe for yoga, and that could be used casually. It does both. Even better, I was able to fall asleep on it and sleep through the entire night. I love the straps. This allows you to wear a tank-top again, without having to worry about your bra straps being visible.